What makes Reflective practitioners unique?

It’s our use of what we call the 7 Principles.

These are ways of ‘being’ that when you follow them and truly integrate them into your life,

so many things fall almost magically into place. 





Open & Honest

Genuine & Real




Just Talk


Just a few lines of what we are about:-


We are here to listen, an ear when you need that someone to talk to!

An ear that will listen and not judge, an ear that will listen with empathy, listen and be open and honest with you, listen and be genuine and real, listen with compassion, listen and accept, listen and empower.

This is our home, we are qualified professional reflective practitioners, part of the shape therapy organisation.


We are here, for you:-

Whatever you want or need to talk about you can with us, depression, stress, addiction, eating disorders, relationships, bereavement, sexual issues male and female, anger management, all within a safe and secure, legal, ethical and professional framework.

Why Choose Us?


Why choose us is a good question and is best answered like this we think:-

Don’t choose us if you want to be told what to do, we don’t do that, we are non-directive. But do choose us if you want a compassionate non-judgemental open and honest, genuine and real person to talk to who will listen to you.


let us guide you to a better place

Relationship Issues

Just talk to one of our trained reflective practitioners

Sex Issues

sexual issues gender identity talk to one of our non judgmental practitoners

Someone to talk to

our practitioners are here to listen without judging you

Anger Managment

we have specially trained practitioners to guide you to a calmer place


We have practitioners who will guide you in your journey to be free